Mark L. Berger, Ph.D. with commentary by Steven Phillipson, Ph.D. Managing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Sufferer's Question and Answer Guide

This booklet is unique because it presents OCD from the perspective of a patient and his cognitive-behavioral psychologist. It contains the story and insights of one who has struggled with OCD for over 45 years and the commentary of his pioneering behavioral therapist. It was designed to be informative and helpful to OCD sufferers and their loved ones. It is written in an accessible, non-academic style.

The booklet offers concise answers and commentary about the following questions:

  •     How to effectively conceptualize the OCD threat?
  •     How does OCD originate?
  •     The role of drugs in treating OCD?
  •     How to understand Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for OCD?
  •     What common difficulties arise in CBT for OCD and how to manage them?
  •     How to handle perfectionism?
  •     What is the role of determination, will, and motivation in the struggle with OCD?
  •     How to deal with a relapse?
  •     What is the role of humor in coping with OCD?
  •     How you can benefit from group therapy?
  •     Can a person with OCD treat himself?
  •     OCD and depression?
  •     What is Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)? How does it compare with OCD? How a sufferer can have aspects of both OCD and OCPD?
  •     What is the importance of "moving on" beyond OCD, of finding an interest, passion, or meaning in life?

The booklet is available only from the co-author, Mark L. Berger. Please send a check for $20.00 ($18.00 for the booklet and $2.00 for postage) to: Mark L. Berger, 6831 Ranch Drive, Columbus, Georgia, 31904. Include your address and he will send it out to you. Your money back if not satisfied.

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