Steven Phillipson, Ph.D. offers treatment for OCD sufferers, BDD, OCPD, anxiety, social anxiety, purely obsessional OCD, and clinical supervision

Dr. Steven Phillipson (Ph.D.) | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Steven Phillipson, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) of OCD since 1986. Dr. Phillipson has contributed numerous articles to the OC Foundation's newsletter and produced the first video on the treatment of the purely obsessional type of OCD for the Foundation in 1991. In 1987, Dr. Phillipson, along with a colleague, started the first CBT/Support group for OCD sufferers in the New York area. Dr. Phillipson's position as Clinical Director at the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy started in 1997. In addition, Dr. Phillipson functions as a clinical site supervisor for doctoral candidates from a variety of local Ph.D. programs, including Long Island University, Fordham University, Yeshiva University and Rutgers University.




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