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Articles by Dr. Steven Phillipson

Perhaps the most important article to read regarding not only the treatment of OCD but in living a fulfilling life is "Choice". A conceptual exploration of choice: how differentiating between the voice of your brain and your autonomous voice can fuel the mindful, disciplined choices that facilitate the treatment of OCD, therapy in general, and a fuller, more meaningful life.

Audio Version of "Choice"

Chinese Translation of "Choice"

A revised edition of an article written in 1991 regarding the treatment of the purely obsessional form of OCD.

When Seeing is Not Believing: A cognitive therapeutic differentiation between conceptualizing and managing OCD.

The understanding and treatment of obsessional doubt related to sexual orientation and relationship substantiation.

Treatment strategies and a conceptual understanding are provided for persons with a heightened sense of hyperscrupulosity and excessive

concern for the well-being of others.

The combined effects of guilt and anxiety experienced by OCD sufferers, when an over attachment is given to the obeying THE LAW (both secular and religiously) and one's character is indicted in the process.

General psychological principles are presented related to understanding OCD and treatment strategies pertaining to cognitive-behavioral principles.

A conceptual understanding and treatment strategies are presented for people suffering with an olfactory obsession. This condition involves people who staunchly believe that some part of their body is emitting an unpleasant odor.

A comprehensive understanding and description of Obessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

Early recognition of perfectionism amongst adolescents from ages 12 through 21.

The intersection of OCD and trauma

*All articles are copyright Steven J Phillipson.

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