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Dr. Phillipson's latest article: Choice 

A conceptual exploration of choice: how differentiating between the voice of your brain and your autonomous voice can fuel the mindful, disciplined choices that facilitate the treatment of OCD, therapy in general, and a fuller, more meaningful life.



Dr. Phillipson's latest interview - Pure OCD: When Logic Is Overthrown By Nightmare-Like Thoughts

View Dr. Phillipson's recent exclusive interview with Aaron Harvey, founder of IntrusiveThoughts.org, on the science, symptoms, and treatment of OCD.





The Treatment of Purely Obsessional and Other Matters

​Steven Phillipson, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) of OCD since 1986. Dr. Phillipson has contributed numerous articles to the OC Foundation's Newsletter and produced the first video on the treatment of the purely obsessional type of OCD for the Foundation in 1991. In 1987, Dr. Phillipson, along with a colleague, started the first CBT/Support group for OCD sufferers in the New York area. Dr. Phillipson's position as Clinical Director at the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy started in 1997. To learn more about Dr. Phillipson, follow this link to his curriculum vitae.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) are widely accepted and successful treatment methods for OCD. Click here to find out more about how CBT works in the treatment of OCD.

Dr. Phillipson and his colleagues at the Center have used CBT and ERP to successfully treat patients with OCD for over twenty years. Click here to read some of our success stories!​​

We have been treating patients all over the world via Skype for several years with positive results.


Skype group and individual therapy offered as treatment for OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive restructuring

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